Connecting with as many Endos as I do, I’ve observed that so many have lost the passion for their profession. They often come to me looking for a magic answer to being as excited as when they started practicing.  

I don’t have a magic answer but I do have a few thoughts to ponder that flipped my life around

Live in a state of possibility

The Art of Possibility by Benjamin Zander is a book I recommend to get people’s juices flowing again. What Mr. Zander says is that opening up to ‘what can be’ requires trust. It means respecting and valuing ourselves and (this is a hard one) to stop being controlling. If we trust our own instincts, everything becomes possible. If we trust others, we will be a part of an excited, positive team.

The book also talks about how to inspire others – your staff, for instance

“Give everyone an A,” the author tells us. Believe in their greatness and tell them so.  That affirming feeling (giving everyone the benefit of the doubt) translates to others and creates more of a partnership and less of a “boss/employee” relationship.  Of course, you want to hire the best staff possible – “Have the right people in the orchestra,” as it is said. But hiring is just the first step. Connecting, training, and encouraging are keys to retaining the best.

You are in charge, not just of your practice, but how you want to live your life.

We can forget that our practice is not what ‘happens to us,’ it is what we create.  Want to work fewer days a week?  It’s possible to double your productivity each day.  Want to be able to take more vacation days and pursue your personal interests? Bring another Endo into your practice. If you get back in touch with your original reasons for becoming an Endo, you might amaze yourself at how what looked impossible no longer does.

I was in a rut but now I’m excited to get to work every day. Watch my video.  Then, contact me for a free 30-minute call. Let’s talk about possibilities.