What if, instead of setting a projected income level as your objective, you instead, made feeling fulfilled, abundant and joyful the goal? That goes for everyone’s happiness – your patients, staff and YOU. I’ll understand if you’re rolling your eyes right now but please stick with me a few more minutes.

Increasing evidence from the WORLD HAPPINESS REPORT points to something interesting.

It turns out that work/life balance emerges as a particularly strong predictor of people’s happiness.  And conversely, happiness can itself help increase performance and productivity which, of course, turns into increased income. 

How to create an office you want to spend time in

A client asked me an interesting question: He said, “I have a sinking feeling every morning as I enter my practice. How do I make my office a great place to be?” If you want to elevate your office and look forward to opening that door, here are a few suggestions:

  • It’s absolutely essential that you have a front office team that is truly excellent. They are well trained and excited about providing customer support, answering questions and sharing “sizzle points” about your practice.  They have a sense of pride and ownership that they’re working with the best.
  • Hire well and fire fast. I’ve already written a blog about this but it’s worth repeating. If someone does not fit into your culture because of a negative attitude or frazzled demeaner, it’s not likely their personality is going to change.  You can train skills but you cannot teach people to be what they are not, namely passionate about making a difference in patients’ lives, upbeat and a great representative of your practice..
  • You have a solid, efficient system in place. Every member of your team knows where they need to be and what they need to do when. You, the Endo, do not have to organize, give instructions, remind people of anything, or worry.  All you have to do is treat patients. 
  • Don’t spend too many hours in the office. I know this is counter to a lot of advice we’ve been given by well-meaning experts but the truth is, if you have an efficient office, you can spend less time there, be more productive and have more time doing other things you love. 

Everything I’ve said here must seem obvious. What’s not as obvious is how to create a seamless, stress-free practice.  Let’s schedule a 30-minute call so I can share more of what I’ve learned along the journey to a practice I truly look forward to arriving at every morning.