In order to turn over control to others, you have to believe they will handle things much as you would.  If you have a “It doesn’t get done right unless I do it” mentality, I encourage you to reconsider.  Paying the bills, reviewing reports, handling the myriad of responsibilities that come with any practice – these things can be taught and coached to a talented team. For every hour you spend doing what others can do for you, your revenue takes a hit.

If you want someone to function like they are part owner of your practice, it won’t be a $20 per hour employee.

I only hire top-notch people to my team. And to attract the best, I’m willing to pay them what they are worth. I am certainly open to saving money where it’s appropriate in my office, but not when it comes to staff salaries. I’ve seen a “poverty mindset” in some practices – as though reducing people and costs is the answer to increasing revenue.  That attitude never leads to taking the practice to the next level. Of course, I stay plugged into the running of my practice and have regular meetings with staff.  But when my day starts and patients arrive, I am only an endodontist.

My motto is that the only thing I want to do is treat patients, talk to referring dentists and go home.

 Our job is to do what we do best – provide excellent and essential service to patients. To do this we need to stay in the moment and be totally “present” for the person in the chair. In order to work this way, you need to have a good team in place. Invest in their training. Let them know you value them. Allow them to earn your trust so you can give up control.

Your staff members can make or break your practice, being able to trust in your team is part of the answer to having a wonderful life outside the office.