If you’ve been holding your practice with a death grip, overwhelmed with fear, worry, and a list of frightening “what ifs?”, may I suggest you take a deep breath and lighten up. If you’re typical, you get into your routine, limit doing new things and find your excitement for life has dwindled. You fill your mind with anxiety, rather than gratitude for having a privileged life as a healer. It is not the number of cases we do a day. It is how much we enjoyed doing them and the satisfaction we should have from alleviating pain.

We think there is a happier life OUT THERE and all we have to do is wait.  

We put off learning a new language or travelling to a new country until the “time is right.”  The time is now, as the cliché goes. We are promised nothing else. We can’t control time. We can’t control the future.  We knock ourselves out working hard but not always smart.  We are waiting for Utopia once everything gets done but everything never gets done.

You decide your own “Have-to’s”

Whatever you learned from your family or were told in dental school, it is up to you how you want to run your practice and live your life. Even small changes in your mindset can add so much to your satisfaction with life. I learned these hard lessons over the years, starting out more of a Type A than I wanted to admit. My life is not perfect but it is the life I want and I’m happy living it, surrounded by the people I hold dear and doing work (including coaching) that feeds my soul.

My hope is that I said something here that will inspire you to sit back and think about your own personal Utopia.