Working with so many Endos, my experience is that many of them appear to be easily triggered.  The work we do is about precision and as close to perfection as possible.  If we’re not careful, however, that same instinct can spill into the rest of our lives.

In life, there are triggers that I call “low hanging fruit” in terms of being causes for overreaction.  Dinner takes too long in a restaurant.  The driver in front of you is going way too slow. Those little annoyances absolutely don’t matter in the scheme of your life but they can cause our blood pressure to rise. However, I believe that if we get good at handling the little things, then we get better at the big things.

I mention this because, in my experience, solid systems, well-trained staff and predictability greatly diminish overreaction in our Endo offices too. If you trust in the way your office is run and have taken the time to communicate your goals and needs, there will be a calm in your office that everyone can feel.  Will nothing ever go wrong again?  Of course not, but you have a plan for those instances too.  Anticipating potential problems informs you and your staff of what to do.  The idea is to minimize surprises and getting caught off-guard.

What I have also observed is that in clients’ offices where systems are outdated and the staff is not properly trained or motivated, overreaction is a regular occurrence…leading people to feel like they’re walking on eggshells.

My Endo coaching program starts with a very comprehensive questionnaire to help me learn where there are potential “trigger” areas that can be fixed and lead to a stress-free environment.  Some fixes are very easy and can be immediately implemented.  Others will take time and dedication. When an Endo looks very honestly at the status quo and realizes life can be better for everyone involved, the true work can begin between that Endo and me.  It’s an exciting moment of realization.

If you’d like to start to explore new possibilities, please schedule a 60-minute Zoom meeting with me.