It’s been my experience, when observing anyone who is particularly efficient at anything, that there is a certain grace, confidence and trust of others involved.  Every chef has a sous chef to prep the ingredients so the process of preparing even a complex dinner goes smoothly.  Everyone knows their role in that kitchen – that’s the trick!

Being prepared.  Thinking through the process. Not leaving anything to chance. These are the qualities that make for an efficient Endo office, too.   Having your “sous chefs” completely trained and in tune with your methods is another essential ingredient for the very best patient outcomes.

So, no, being more efficient is not about working harder or rushing or staying late or short-changing your patient so you can run to the next one.  Working harder can cause more stress and require more discipline which is exactly what you’re trying to avoid.  Working smarter is setting up systems so it’s possible to avoid wasting time and energy.

My team and I work like a well-oiled machine. Often without words, we can easily anticipate one another’s next move. I have a wonderful dental hygienist whose only role is to numb the patient. The patient has a positive experience and I save 10 or so minutes.  I have also trained my dental assistants to take over appropriate elements of the entire root canal process.  Another 10 minutes or so saved. I’m not rushing. I’m just using my time more efficiently. I can see more patients in a day without raising my blood pressure.

When you change your habits relating to how you work, how you work with people, it will make things easier, allow for better results, less stress, more time. In other words, you gain more control of your life. 

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