I read a book recently that seems to supply the answer:  John Fitch and Max Frenzal could be speaking directly to Endos with this title:  Time Off: A Practical Guide to Building Your Rest Ethic and Finding Success Without Stress. 

The authors tell us we can discover the transformative power of leisure to recapture our calm and creativity.  Unplugging is actually a way to sharpen your mind, rethink what’s most important to you and to open your mind to new thinking.  Being constantly connected to our phones and computers, checking the stock market, responding to emails actually tires and dulls the brain.

Is your hard work working?  Do you believe that “busy” = “productive?” After reaching breaking points in their careers, business coach John Fitch and AI researcher Max Frenzel both learned the critical importance of taking time off. Now these former workaholics are here to help us revolutionize the way Endos (can) get things done.  

It feels like this book was written just for Endos. In my coaching program, I hear the pain from everyone.  “I’m burned out.”  “I dread going to work every morning.” “I didn’t become an Endo to live this life.”  Years ago, I embraced what my mentor taught me – that a truly successful Endo practice is a failure without work/life balance.   In fact, I’m writing this blog while on a 4-week vacation in Laguna Beach, CA with my wife.

A key message of the book: “The constant hustle can be your worst enemy, you will realize that time off means much more than just taking a break. By learning how to slow down, you will rediscover a more fulfilled and versatile version of yourself and unlock your true creative potential.”

Reshaping the way you think about work and leisure, Time Off is a reinvigorating guide to doing more by laboring less.  If you’re interested in what these authors have to say about REST ETHIC, read on (it’s pretty darn fascinating): https://www.fastcompany.com/90515476/how-to-build-a-rest-ethic-that-is-as-strong-as-your-work-one 

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