6 ways earn more in less time just by building a better system

One reason I’m so passionate about sharing my methods is that I have truly transformed my practice into one that creates tangible results for patients, staff and my bottom line and I know that if I can do it, you can do it! What efficiency means to me is: performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least amount of waste possible.

Easy to say but not so easy to achieve. So, let me share my “Efficiency Numbers” with you:

  1. I spend between 25-30 minutes on each treatment My well-trained staff takes care of everything else. The systems I’ve implemented allow me to spend 98-99% of my time with the patient, focused on their treatment. NIE protocols make this process even more streamlined.
  2. 99.9% of my cases require only one appointment In essence, having to schedule a second appointment, cuts your fee in half since (pardon the cliché) time is money.
  3. My staff spends 30 minutes before the day of the appointment, gathering insurance and other information as well as answering all of the patient’s questions. When the patient arrives, my team is prepared to deliver an experience tailored to that individual, and importantly, the patient knows what to expect from their appointment.
  4. The patient is informed; imaging has been collected and nitrous has been administered before I walk into the treatment room My dental assistant gets the CBCT and radiographs, applies topical numbing and gets the patient started on nitrous (if they request it). When I come in, I have all of the information I need to begin treatment. I think of my staff like a highly rehearsed Cirque de Soleil troupe My staff and I “perform” each case almost without having to speak.  We are rehearsed, each one knowing their role so magnificently. I watched a special outdoor performance of Cirque de Soleil recently where they used no net. They were so confident about what they were doing, clearly trusting each other completely, timed to the second, that they had no doubt of the outcome. That is how my staff and I work together.
  1. More cases per week working only 3 days a week
    Not every endodontist wants to treat 9 to 13 cases a day, but there are ways to double your schedule and still get to the office later in the morning and leave earlier in the afternoon. This just requires simple shifts in scheduling and clinical protocols to achieve a better work/life balance without sacrificing income. Bottom line: In 3 days, I can complete between 30 and 33 cases. The average cost of root canal therapy is $1,100 give or take, make sure that you’re maximizing your time to increase your bottom line. 
  1. Transitioning from one patient to the next can eat 45 minutes at a time if you don’t have the right procedures in place to eliminate distractions. There are unknowns, of course, but during treatment days we follow very strict protocol to minimize all distractions.

Improving the patient experience
Taking away the stress of the unknown and making root canal therapy as pleasant and predictable as possible is what we all strive for. Our patients regularly comment on how efficient treatment is, how much they appreciate the care we provide and how quickly they’re able to get back to normal life again, which has resulted in more referrals and stronger relationships with our general dentists.

If you’d like to have a chat about what improved clinical efficiency could look like in your practice, please schedule a call with me.